Welcome to Forever Tattoo Parlour offers tattooing by owner/artist Mark Stewart, Heather Law, Tyler Brandt Ferguson, Carl Testi, and Gema Cisneros.

Forever Tattoo Parlour is dedicated to bringing you "custom" tattoos. Specializing in Traditional American.

You get a personalized tattoo every time... no tattoo is done the same twice. Along with bringing you "custom" artwork, forever tattoo parlour gives you a safe, clean, and sterile environment, with NO ATTITUDES. You will get their undivided attention to work with you and give you what you want.

The shop minimum is $100, and the hourly rate is $150-$200 but this only applies to larger multisession work, one-sitting tattoos are priced by the piece. Your artist will be more than happy to give a price quote after the final artwork is decided upon. We are unable to give price quotes over the phone.

The shop requires a $100 non-refundable deposit for all appointments, this deposit is deducted off the final price of the tattoo. If possible, please visit in person to make an appointment.


Bringing you the best tattoos in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and all of Southwest Florida.